Tuesday, June 22, 2010


As you know, our Etsy Team poses questions on our thread in order for us to get to know each other a little better. I'm a little behind on the questions, but I just had to answer this one: "WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON?"

Now this shouldn't be a difficult question, but it posed a special conundrum for me. So please be patient with me as I explain:

My Dad instilled a love of Football in me at a very young age. I would love to watch professional and college football every chance I had with him. He explained the game in detail and I learned every pro team ( there were a lot fewer teams back then ) and knew the players names and cheered and shouted at the TV right along with him.

When I was in my Junior and Senior years of High School, I was on the Majorette Squad and we performed with the Marching Band at EVERY game, both home and away.  My Daddy was ALWAYS there.....he never missed a game!  We were allowed to leave our area in the bleechers only during 3rd quarter and this was my real special time. Daddy wrote the Sports News for the local paper and at home games he would always have hot chocolate with marshmellows waiting for me in the press box (Autumn in Pennsylvania can get real cool to cold, especially on Friday nights). He always made me feel so special. I could still hear his voice, "Here ya go Babydoll, you did a great job tonight, you were the best majorette out there!" And he would give me a great big hug. I got to spend the entire 3rd quarter with him and I loved it.

My Dad never missed anything in which I was involved. He always told me, "Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't be or do something you have your heart set on doing. You are my Babydoll and you are smart so you go out in this world and be whatever you want to be!"

Daddy taught me about alot of things, sports, laughter, but most of all LOVE!
I lost my Daddy fourteen years ago and a day doesn't go by that I don't miss his phone calls that started with "Hi Babydoll", his hugs and his Love.  Yet I am so grateful for all he taught and shared with me, because now my husband, John, and I have a passion for Football (and most sports) that we share with our children and grandchildren. 

It's not just the sports, it's the LOVE and SHARING and TEACHING something that bonds us together. My Daddy helped me see the greatness of all seasons, it's just that Football Season stands out the most for me.  I love you Daddy and I miss you. I just know you've got a game going on in heaven right now. I'm cheering for you!


jbcrochetdelights said...

Marianne - Football season. That is a special time of year. I like football season also. That is when I spend time with my husband.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Hi Marianne - I used to dread football season because first it was Monday Night Football, then Sundays, then Thursday Night Special of Monday Night Football (or something like that) It seemed that football was always on - especially the Cowboys!! Then, I started getting into it... So now I watch the Cowboys and the playoffs with my husband and it became fun! And he watches the Saints with me!! (Of course, right now we're watching golf!!)

Whew! that was kind of long!!

How wonderful that you had such a good relationship with your Dad, and that he supported you so.

The Crafty Nature Lady said...

Marianne - What a great piece about your favorite season! Your Dad certainly was a special man. I think about my Dad in the summer watching golf. Never in my wildest dreams would I think I would be watching golf anymore, but I am, and Dad's there, too!

Mamta said...

Lol! I never thought football to be a season. You have a great mind, my friend. Your dad's a great man. I had fun reading everything and I understood it only in the end. It's a great write up.