Saturday, July 31, 2010


As you know, each week my crochet team posts a question about which we are asked to blog. This is to help us get some insight into each other since we are from all over the world.

This week's question is "What Song Best Describes Your Life?"
Another conundrum! Actually there are so many that fit different times in my life but I guess the best would be "I Hope You Dance" sung by Lee Ann Womack.

Although my life has been a roller coaster of ups and downs (with many many downs), there has always been a strength inside me, even as a child, I never understood. I now know it was the Lord who was holding me in His loving arms and helped me through the worst of times and blessed me with the most wonderful husband, John. 

With the help of our Lord, John and I became the parents of two sons and now have a beautiful daughter-in-law Bridgett who is married to BJ and blessed us with 3 wonderful grandsons. Our son Brian will be wed to Shelby in January of 2011. Our blessings are growing in abundance.

This is a very brief summary of my life because it would take too long and I would never want to subject anyone to that! Just know that whatever challenge was placed before me, I always knew that with GOD by my side, we could accomplish anything!  And so far, I have not been let down.

There are still difficult times and challenges, but I have faith, and in that faith, I choose to dance :0)

The past is the past, the future is not here yet, we must enjoy the moment of today, that's why it's called the "present".

If you have a moment, just copy and paste this link, close your eyes if you like and just listen to the words sung so beautifully.  It may help you too when times are a bit challenging.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Once again our CreateCrochet Team posted a question of the week: What are you best childhood memories?

This created quite a dilemma for reasons I'd rather not get into at this time. There are two specific memories that come to mind which make me smile.

First, it's my Daddy. When I was little, he's the one I remember being with me through so many things. I was his "Babydoll", as he called me all his life. When I had my tonsils out, he stayed with me and got me the most beautiful Bride Doll any 2 1/2 year old girl could ever want.  He also won this Bunny Rabbit in blue gingham overalls at a church bazaar that I named Theresa. I carried her everywhere with me and slept with her. When her stitches gave way, daddy fixed her up!

When we would go for a ride, I would always stand next to him with my arm around his shoulders (no seat belt laws back in the late 50s and early 60s). As I grew taller (and that took forever because I was and am always the shortest person in the group), I stood behind him as he drove and put my hands on his shoulders. We always listened to polkas wherever we went. I never realized how much I loved polkas. 

We would always watch cartoons on Saturday morning and I never knew if I was laughing at the cartoons or how much daddy was laughing.  I miss him so much since his passing in 1996, yet I know he is always with me.

My other wonderful memory is being with my cousins Barbara, Jeannie and Janet planning our family Christmas Pageant at Babu (short for Babula which is Polish for Grandma) Gula's (my Daddy's mom).  My dad came from a large family so I had lots of cousins. I was closest to Barbara, Jeannie and Janet, and we would start in the summer planning for our grand program that we would perform for the family on Christmas Eve.  To be honest, the planning was almost more fun than the actual event itself. Of course we took our task very serious, right down to making costumes,  props and whatever else it took to make our pageant a success!  It was never work; as I look back, it was pure fun and love.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, the Relay For Life is over and was an amazing success. The experience is one I will never or want to forget. The outpouring of love and encouragement from my CreateCrochet Team was and is immeasurable. So many special crochet items were donated from all over the world and were a big hit at the RFL.
My wonderful son, BJ, designed and created an amazing Banner for us and my absolutely greatest blessing, my husband John, never left me the whole night. He helped put the pop-up in place, set up the tables, decorate our area with all the crochet treasures, do my walking for me and even sell some crochet items! 
And this is only a sample of all the beautiful crochet goodies we had displayed along with my Relay Wranglers' Team!

Seeing my Aunt Rosie walk the Survivor's Walk brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy knowing that we get to celebrate more birthdays with her and that the evil cancer did not win. I also cried tears of joy for my son BJ who is now
4 years free of the horrible evil known as melanoma. I pray that
he and Bridgett get to dance
on their 50th wedding anniversary full
of love, joy and good health! 

One other special experience was constantly felt, and that was of the presence of each and every member of my CreateCrochet Team Family. Without them, none of this could have happened. We sold so many items that we were able to make a significant donation along  with the Relay Wranglers to the Relay for Life Kingman 2010!  What was left over was joyfully donated to the Kingman Cancer Center at Kingman Regional Medical Center.

Now, with all the hustle and bustle behind me, I plan to relax, crochet and create whatever comes from my hook and yarn in my hands.  This is the most wonderful, peaceful and relaxing thing I know.......and all is right with the world.

Of course I don't plan on being a recliner potato, I am also going to play with my 3 grandsons, something I haven't had much time to do lately.....and I need to change that......IT'S MANDATORY :0)

We also plan to go to Phoenix this month to see our son,
Brian, and future daughter-in-law,
Shelby, as they produce their first