Sunday, April 4, 2010

CROCHETING-More than a Hobby-It's a way of Life!

Crocheting is the most comforting and soothing form of activity I know. I just melt into a world of my own when I have hook and yarn in hand. May sound crazy to some people, but crochet is a passion for me, it is a way to create something beautiful from pile of yarn (which in itself is beautiful!).

I can start with a chain, have something in mind and before I know it, something wonderful happens; it's as if something/one takes over and what I had in mind when I started, becomes something totally different of has a little tweak I never planned :0)  My muse (or inspiration) is the dolphin. 

According to what I read in Native American Animal Totems, the dolphin is a brilliant animal who reminds us to take the time to breathe thoughtfully and purposefully and to be playful. I guess that's why I rarely follow a pattern without adding some new touches to it.

That's how I see life too.  I see and hear the rules, know I am supposed to follow them; yet I just can't help changing things up a bit. I believe in the spirit of the rules, not necessarily the letter of them. I believe common sense is a God-given gift that too many people forget about.  Please don't forget about this GREAT gift and remember to take the time to play and have fun every once and a while :0)

I am also a member of the greatest crochet team known as CreateCrochet Team. We are an etsy team, but we are more like family. We are from all over the world and it is so exciting to share ideas, stories, joys, hardships, comfort and encouragement for each other.

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