Monday, April 19, 2010


SUNBLOCK is so very important for EVERYONE to use EVERYDAY!  There is a product made by RIT (you know, they make the stuff to dye clothing), well, it's called SUNGUARD and you can order it online.  The product is wonderful, you just wash your clothes in the washer with this SUNGUARD and it adds SUNBLOCK to your clothing.  It will NOT harm or change most clothing but I do suggest you test some items.

Your clothing is then able to protect you.  SUNGUARD will remain active in your clothing for up to approximately 30 regular washings before you need to wash them in the SUNGUARD again.

You know I am an avid believer in sunblock use everyday no matter what, especially since my BJ went through surgery for MELANOMA.  Do NOT be so cocky as to think this can never happen to you!!!!!!!!  A very dear friend of mine is dying from melanoma and she was diagnosed AFTER my son.

The colors were not affected and it is brilliant, comfortable full of sunblock!!!

I love all of you and want you to be cancer free to celebrate many many birthdays, so please take my advise.  And don't forget about my team in the Relay for Life coming up in June.

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